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While our region has a reputation for gray skies and mild temperatures, it has some of the most stunning scenery in the country once skies clear. In the same vein, strong storms can cause temperature fluctuations that challenge drafty entryways. Be ready for the good and the bad with replacement doors and windows. At Platinum Home, we offer quality windows and doors by Alside, Milgard, and Codel that add style and comfort to your home. 

Window Replacement Delivers Beauty and Efficiency

Why Replacing Your Windows Should Be Your Next Home Improvement Project

Replacing your home’s windows is a big decision. The cost of quality replacement windows often makes homeowners sideline this valuable home improvement in favor of other less expensive projects.

Here are some reasons to make replacing worn, outdated windows your next home improvement project:

  • Amazing Insulating Technology
    Besides delivering a tighter fit, modern insulated windows often have multiple panes of glass that are filled with argon gas. The gas lowers the thermal conductivity of the window, which helps to trap climate-controlled air inside. By installing new windows, you’ll make your home more comfortable, lower your monthly utility bills, and extend the life of your HVAC system.
  • Improved Sound Insulation
    Go into a home with new windows. Stand beside the window. Listen carefully as cars whiz by the home. What do you hear? If the windows were installed properly, you should enjoy blissfully quiet interiors. Besides keeping cold air out, your new windows insulate your home from outdoor noise. They are the perfect upgrade for a home that sits on a busy cul-de-sac.
  • Easier to Maintain
    Sparkling windows is a luxury that not everyone can afford. Old windows on multi-story floors often get neglected during exterior window cleaning sessions. When you replace your windows, you get the opportunity to acquire the latest in low-maintenance styles. Popular window designs feature tilt-in sashes that allow you to clean windows without leaving your home.
  • Aesthetic Appeal
    Nothing sends the wrong message about your home like unsightly, old windows. They’re the ones that you have to prop open with a stick to catch a breeze after a good rain. Replacing your windows gives your home a polished, custom look that’s not easily mimicked by other home improvement projects.

Signs That Your Windows Need To Be Replaced

The increases in value and aesthetic appeal are enough to warrant replacing worn windows. However, there are a couple of other signs that indicate that replacement windows should be made a high priority.

  • Leaks

    It’s not unusual for older windows to leak during strong storms. If you’re living with this reality, you’ll want to remedy the situation as soon as possible. Leaky windows aren’t just inconvenient. They can lead to wood rot, mold growth, and ruined furnishings.
  • Condensation Build-Up

    Your home has older insulated windows that you inherited from the previous owner. Lately, you’ve noticed that the windows fog up and have a dirty, filmy look that you can’t get rid of even after thorough interior and exterior cleaning. It’s likely that the windows’ seals have broken and their insulative gas is escaping. To bring back your home’s energy efficiency and regain its well-kept appearance, you’ll need to replace the windows.
  • Extensive Surface Damage

    If you’ve inherited a very old deck, it’s likely that it has some surface damage. When surface damage is extensive, the deck may no longer be structurally sound. You’ll want to replace the deck to avoid safety issues.

Considerations When Choosing New Windows

A carefully planned window replacement project adds value to your home and improves its look and function. A poorly crafted project is a waste of money and can lower your home’s resale value if you decide to move. Consider the durability, style, and insulative qualities that you want for your new windows before launching your project. 


Today’s windows are made from a variety of materials. The top picks are wood, vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum.

Wood windows have a classic look that appeal to many homeowners. They have great insulative properties, last a lifetime, and can be painted or stained to accommodate any decor theme. You’ll want to consider installing these windows if you have a historic home.

Vinyl windows are a popular option for homeowners who want budget-friendly, low-maintenance windows. They don’t need to be painted, and some have designs that mimic wood grain. While wooden windows need periodic maintenance to last, the vinyl variety will last up to 20 years with little care required.

Fiberglass windows also can be made to look like wood, but they are stronger than vinyl windows. They resist rot, mold growth, and are completely recyclable.

Aluminum windows are lightweight but strong. These metal windows are ideal for the large windows that are common in modern architecture.


Style impacts function when it comes to windows. Some popular window styles are single hung, double hung, casement, and fixed.

z windows have a top fixed sash, but the bottom sash opens. They are more affordable than most other window styles. However, they can’t be tilted in for easy exterior cleaning.

Double hung - The top and bottom sashes of double hung windows open. They offer better cross ventilation than most other windows.

Casement windows have a side hinge like a door and open outward to the right or left. They offer an airtight seal when closed and are very energy efficient.

Fixed windows let in loads of natural light but don’t open. You’ll mostly see them as big picture windows or architectural windows that come in different shapes such as circles, ovals, or octagons.


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door replacement adds value and security

Benefits of Door Replacement

Ask most real estate agents about the home improvement that gets the highest return on investment during a resale, and they will tell you to look to your front door. If your front entry door is old or not in keeping with your home’s current decor, replacing it can add volumes of aesthetic appeal to your home’s exterior.

An outdated door is more than just a drag on your home’s looks. It can be an indicator that your home isn’t as secure as it needs to be to fend off criminals. Replacing a rickety door with one of our steel entry doors sends the message that your home is well-kept and protected.

Signs That Your Door Needs To Be Replaced

You value quality, and it shows with your choice of exterior door. Your existing door is likely well-made, but after years of continued use, it no longer performs as it should. This impaired function keeps your home from being shown in the best possible light to guests, family, and friends.

Here are some clear signs that you need a new front door:

  • Door is warped or cracked
  • Door is hard to open or sticks
  • Light shows around the door
  • Cold air seeps in around the door

Considerations When Choosing a New Door

To make the most of your investment, you’ll want to consider door type, hardware, and security features. The type of door that you choose will depend on your needs. At Platinum Home, we have a number of front door, patio door, and interior door options. Our experienced contractors can help you with door styling so that you get the entryway that matches your home’s decor. We’re here to meet your specific needs from start to finish. Whether security-oriented door hardware is on your mind or a fun sliding barn door is on your wishlist, we have you covered.

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