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We are proud of all of the natural beauty and amenities that the greater Puget Sound region has to offer. We are even more impressed with the way that property owners in our community care for their homes’ exteriors. Whether it’s a distinctive Craftsman bungalow or a historic farmhouse, the joys of homeownership shine through with every choice of siding color, style, and texture. At Platinum Home, we are honored to help our friends and neighbors in Puget Sound create stunning residences that are a credit to our region.

transform the look of your home with siding replacement

Your home’s exterior is a reflection of your personal style. When in good condition, it’s the equivalent of rolling out the welcome mat for visitors. An alluring exterior also increases your home’s value. Maintaining every square foot of it is about more than just improving curb appeal. You’ll want a sound exterior to protect your home’s wood framing from rot. Our knowledgeable siding contractors can give you advice about repair or replacement options, materials, styles, and more.

Knowing When It’s Time to Replace

  • Widespread damage to boards or panels is a good indicator that your home needs our siding replacement services. Damage to large areas of exterior boards or panels just covers bigger problems underneath such as moisture rot or termite infestation.
  • Cracked or faded boards give you a clue that your home’s exterior is due for a complete makeover. While siding materials have come a long way in terms of life expectancy, they don’t last forever. Normal aging and sun exposure cause home exteriors to crack, fade, or have peeling paint.
  • Warped boards - Moisture is a prime enemy of home exteriors. Warped exterior boards or panels indicate that your home has lost the battle. You’ll want to get experienced siding contractors to remove the boards and inspect the underlying wood framing.
  • Mold - Moisture leads to mold growth. You may not see the mold on your home’s exterior right away. However, mold growth on interior walls gives you a clue that your exterior may not be as weather tight as you need it to be to keep your family healthy.

what are your replacement options?

Here are some of the most popular materials for siding replacement: 


Wood siding is one of the oldest types of home exteriors known to man. The look of wood is classic and timeless, and many manufacturers aim to mimic it with other materials that are easier to maintain.


Aluminum siding is a durable home exterior option that’s resistant to water damage, insect infestation, and fire. It’s a lightweight material that’s easy to install and 100 percent recyclable. Periodic repainting is needed to keep it looking nice, but you can expect 53-gauge aluminum siding to last up to 35 years.


Vinyl siding is about the most economical home exterior option that’s available to today’s homeowners. It’s made of durable plastic that can be molded to look like more expensive materials such as wood or stone. It comes in a variety of color options, and it doesn’t require repainting


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Why We Love Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement exteriors are having a moment, and we love them for their beauty and durability. While other home exteriors melt or burn when exposed to flames, this cladding material holds its form. It has a Class 1(A) fire rating, which is the highest available rating in this category. While fiber cement cladding can come in a number of attractive colors straight from the factory, it can also be painted for a custom look or to color match existing siding. Fiber cement cladding gets high marks for its style versatility. Manufacturers make the cladding in molds, and the finished products can be anything from clapboard planks to shakes or shingles.

At Platinum Home, we specialize in installing James Hardie fiber cement cladding. We offer these product lines that feature the company’s Color Plus Technology.

HardiePlank | HardiePanel | HardieShingle

Protect your investment with siding repair

Common Types of Repairs

When you’ve worked in the home improvement field for as long as we have, you’re bound to pick up on trends in home exterior repair work.

Here are some common home exterior repairs that we do regularly.


Whether it's pesky woodpeckers poking holes in wood cladding or lawn care providers accidentally causing damage with their equipment, holes happen to exterior cladding. We save home exteriors by patching minor holes before they let in bigger problems such rain or rodents.


Strong winds and hail can sling objects into light-gauge aluminum causing dents. We make these exteriors look new again.


Storms also bring heavy winds that can loosen cladding. A sure sign that your exterior cladding isn’t properly attached to your home is a whistling sound that happens when the wind blows. We reattach loose cladding with steel nails and apply the proper sealants.


Leaky cladding often happens when materials expand and contract due to weather changes. We fix leaks before they cause wood rot to framing and mold growth on interior walls.

How We Repair Existing Siding

Our repair methods depend on the type of siding that you have. To repair wood siding that has started to split, we’d need to remove the damaged section, inspect behind the cladding, and replace the wood. We follow up with the needed caulking, sealants, and painting to make the repaired section match the existing cladding. Patching small to medium-sized holes in vinyl exteriors can be done quickly with some exterior caulking and a utility knife.

Why Most Siding Repair Jobs Aren’t DIY Home Improvement Projects

Poor siding installation is a leading cause of leaky and loose cladding on homes. If you don’t have the know-how to properly fix your home’s exterior, you’ll open your home to all types of weather and pest-related problems. Using the wrong tools to do repairs can damage siding further. These scenarios will cost you a lot more in the long run than hiring a professional contractor to do the repair job.

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